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Without Datarisk...

Inherent Fragility

A patchwork of bolt-on tools can create a false sense of security and erode precious trust.

Arbitrary Decisions

An inconsistent understanding of governance, risk and compliance leads to weak cybersecurity leadership.

Pily of rusty, useless tools

...With Datarisk

Dedicated Expertise

Cybersecurity advisors with decades of business experience provide solid strategic guidance.

Bulletproof Assurance

Build trust, catalyze business growth and gain a competitive edge from verifiable compliance.

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Datarisk packs a rich set of features relevant across the enterprise

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Your Personalized Audit Attestation

Datarisk Canada empowers businesses to grow through managed security


Data risk management consulting from Canada's trusted cybersecurity team

Insource a fully certified cybersecurity expert with multi-domain expertise in privacy compliance, fraud, business continuity, program management, and audit.

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Expose unexpected vulnerabilities in your information systems​

Datarisk’s Verify™ methodology tests your systems for weaknesses and determines the greatest areas of risk in your organization.


Security and privacy training that educates your team

Get a comprehensive introduction to security threats, best practices for protecting corporate information, and the foundation of a proactive security strategy.

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Access the right competencies to gain the competitive edge

With the dedicated help of our team of seasoned advisors and qualified professionals, Datarisk clients gain the confidence to balance emerging risk with business opportunity

Drive results with effortless alignment of business strategy & enterprise risk management


Exceptional pedigree

From the early days of networking to the latest cloud models, Datarisk has been there, in the passing lane on the information superhighway.


Standardized compliance

A focus on risk-based assurance and industry frameworks supports effortless compliance, thanks to our proven risk assessment methodology.


Maturity Model

We use quantitative assessment to provide consistent, strategic support for business decisions and alignment with enterprise-wide objectives.