Datarisk Canada Completes Standardized Privacy Impact Assessment for Skyflok

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Datarisk Canada has conducted an in-depth Privacy Impact Assessment on the SkyFlok multi-cloud solution of Chocolate Cloud ApS. This assessment is providing Datarisk Canada the necessary information to ascertain whether SkyFlok meets all the requirements of Datarisk’s standardized Privacy Impact Assessment, which includes adherence to GDPR, PIPEDA/DPA, and CCPA/CPRA legislations.

We are very pleased to announce that a Datarisk Statement of Trust and Seal was issued to this very impressive secure and privacy-conscious cloud storage and file sharing solution.

SkyFlok multi-cloud solution was built with a deep understanding of privacy and security by design, to provide its customers a privacy-centric experience in addition to allowing customers to select the data centers where their files can be shared and stored to align with their organization’s security and customer trust goals.

For further inquiries about this announcement, please contact [email protected]

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