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CIRA: Should Ransomware Payments Be Illegal in Canada?

Cira’s annual survey of Canadian IT security decision-makers reveals that 17% of Canadian organizations have been hit with a ransomware attack. Of those, 69% have paid the ransom and up to 86% do so using cyberinsurance. About one third said they were damaged by recovery costs and fees and about one quarter said they suffered reputational damage as a result.

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AXIOS: China’s New Privacy Law Leaves U.S. Behind

China’s new Personal information Privacy Law follows Europe’s GDPR as the second major set of national data privacy regulations. The United States (and Canada) does not have a federal data privacy law, and China’s PIPL could set future global norms on their own terms, forcing the United States to conform to these PIPL guidelines.

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Privacy Breach

CBC NEWS: Albert Health Says Privacy Breach Possible on Province’s Vaccine Passport Website

The province of Alberta’s vaccine record experience a possible privacy breach. Alberta Health reports that at least 12 users downloaded the wrong information from the province’s COVID-19 vaccination record website earlier this week. These incorrect records included names, dates of birth, and vaccination records. Alberta Health is investigating, but does not believe that this was caused by a security breach to the system.

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Cybersecurity Education

CISCO: Canada’s Largest Cybersecurity Education Program for High Schools Launches in Partnership Between Cisco and STEM Fellowship

Cisco is investing $12 million in the new Cybersecurity Classroom Training Program, while will help 40,000 students gain practical digital skills and safety knowledge. This program is designed to close the gap in current high school education. The program will use relevant, real-life contexts to tech online safety concepts and practices, and it will inspire students to pursue professional and academic opportunities in IT and cybersecurity.

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INFO SECURITY MAGAZINE: 10 Essential Cybersecurity and Privacy Features Needed in Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has recently become an increasingly important part of daily business, while has led to more questions about the security and privacy of these platforms. When choosing and implementing a video conferencing platform, it is important to find the one with the best offering of features such as encrypted audio and video, multi-factor authentication, and endpoint protection.

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