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GLOBAL NEWS: Rideau Hall Internal Cyber Network Hit by ‘Breach’ – Effects Unclear

The Governor General’s office at Rideau Hall confirms that there has been a breach of the internal networks at their office, but the actual impact is thus far unclear. The statement issued by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General said there had been “an unauthorized access to its internal network.” The nature and scope of the breach are still unclear, and the OSGG is working with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security to investigate the incident.

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BLEEPING COMPUTER: IKEA Email Systems Hit by Ongoing Cyberattack

IKEA is battling an ongoing cyberattack where threat actors are targeting employees in internal phishing attacks using stolen reply-chain emails (when threat actors steal legitimate corporate emails and then reply to them with malware-laced links). Employees are more likely to open these emails and the malicious documents within. IKEA is warning employees of an ongoing attack and advising caution in opening emails from trusted sources.

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Cyber Crime

GLOBAL NEWS: ‘Epidemic of Cybercrime’ Underway in Midst of Pandemic: Security Expert

According to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in cyber threats, many directed toward healthcare and medical research facilities. In June, Toronto’s Humber River Hospital suffered a ransomware attack that briefly disabled services, and recently Newfoundland and Labrador’s health system was attacked. Experts argue that this is an ongoing epidemic that could continue to get worse.

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Food Safety

FOOD SAFETY NEWS: Canada Overtakes U.S. in Food Safety and Security Index

The Economist Impact’s Global Food Security Index (GFSI) reports that Canada has pulled ahead of the United States with regard to food security. The previous edition had the United States ranked at eleven and Canada at twelve, whereas this year the United States is ranked ninth, Canada seventh. The GFSI evaluates how well a country is able to meet its populations nutritional needs, including the impact of external factors such as agricultural infrastructure, political stability, and other areas of potential risk.

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Security Breach

CNN: Suspected Chinese Hackers Breach More US Defense and Tech Firms

A suspected Chinese hacking campaign has breached four US defense and technology companies in the last month. Hundreds of other US organizations are running the type of vulnerable software that the attackers have exploited. The National Security Agency has already been investigating this apparent espionage activity, which emerged in recent months. Globally, at least 13 organizations in various critical infrastructures have been breached.

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