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THE NEW YORK TIMES: Cybersecurity Experts Sound Alarm on Apple and E.U. Phone Scanning Plans

Cybersecurity experts are criticizing plans by Apple and the European Union to monitor citizens’ phones for illicit material. The project is aimed at identifying incidents of child sexual abuse on iPhones by scanning images uploaded to Apple’s iCloud, but critics of the plan claim that this is a serious breach of privacy and could increase embolden government surveillance.

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Cybersecurity Month

NIST: Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is launching their 2021 Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, which focuses on job advancement in the cybersecurity field. Resources include ideas for engagement, special live events, work role videos, and more.

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NEXTGOV: Biden Signs School Cybersecurity Bill

A new U.S. government law is aimed at helping improve cybersecurity in American schools and making them less vulnerable to ransomware attacks. This effort will allow the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agenda to study the cyber risks facing schools and develop recommendations for changes.

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FINANCIAL POST: Thirty Nations Open Two-Day Counter-Ransomware Meeting

Canada is one of 30 countries participating in a virtual multi-session counter-ransomware session facilitated by the United States, intended to improve international co-operation in the fight against malware.

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AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT: OAIC Finds Against 7-Eleven Over Facial Recognition

The Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner has determined that 7-Eleven interfered with customers’ privacy by collecting biometric information that was not necessary and without notice. This follows an investigation into 7-Eleven collecting facial images while surveying customers.

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Data Breach

THE VERGE: Twitch Says Passwords Weren’t Exposed in Massive Data Breach

Twitch updates on their data breach from earlier this month, confirming that passwords were not exposed. Twitch also claims confidence that the systems that store Twitch login credentials, which are encrypted, were not accessed, nor were full credit card numbers or bank information.

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HEALTHTECH MAGAZINE: Layered Security is Essential to Healthcare Systems’ Incident Response Planning

According to a Sophos report, some 34% of healthcare organizations were targets of ransomware attacks in 2020. To protect from the increasing incidence of ransomware and other malicious threats, healthcare providers need to focus on a layered security approach to incident response planning.

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