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THE NEW YORK TIMES: Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security

Reports released by the Biden administration suggest that climate change could lead directly to political instability and increased threats to national security. This is the first time that American security agencies have collectively communicated the potential security risks related to climate change.

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Security Settings

WIRED: 11 Security Settings You Should Know about Windows 11

Microsoft has rolled out its latest operating system, packed with new security features and settings. Here are the most important new settings that you should enable on your Windows 11 device to make the most of it.

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BIZTECH MAGAZINE: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Play a Role in Endpoint Security

The shift to remote learning over the past couple of years has signalled an increase in cyberthreats to school boards including ransomware and malware. Here are three possible benefits of adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning into EdTech security.

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NBC News: Ransomware Hits U.S. Candy Maker Ahead of Halloween

Ferrara, Chicago-based manufacturer of candies including SweeTarts, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Pixy Stix, and Everlasting Gobstoppers, is struggling to fill orders after ransomware hackers encrypted their systems. The company disclosed the attack last week and has since resumed production in limited capacity.

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Data Breach

BBC NEWS: HIV Scotland Fined £10,000 for Email Data Breach

HIV Scotland, a UK charity is being fined for an incident involving an email addressed to 105 people, including patient advocates representing people living in Scotland with HIV. All email addresses were visible to all recipients, and 65 individuals were identified by name.

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HEALTHTECH GLOBAL: Strengthening Cloud Security in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has long struggled with optimizing cybersecurity, especially given the complexities of the industry and the high threat level of a ransomware attack on patients’ lives. Given the inherent challenges, how can healthcare organizations strengthen their cloud security?

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