Verify™ Risk Assessment Methodology

What are the Six foundational principles?

For over 30 years, Informatica has provided IT, risk and cybersecurity solutions to a growing audience of businesses, agencies, non-profits. The core of our business rests on helping companies understand their security and risk postures. Our Verify Risk Assessment Methodology is solidly based on six foundational principles.

Principle 1: Do no harm

Our “Zero-Impact Guarantee” means that we will exercise due care and take steps to avoid negatively impacting client systems, applications and operations.

Principle 2: Be thorough

The scope of our Verify assessments is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the system being audited, to support risk-based decisions and enable sound governance.

Principle 3: Be clear and concise

Verify assessments provide actionable results and unambiguous corrective steps laid out in your prioritized Roadmap for Remediation (R4R™).

Principle 4: Do not exaggerate

In compliance with the Code of Ethics that governs our profession, we do not employ pressure tactics to influence public action nor tolerate fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in our work.

Principle 5: Focus on the data

As professional security and privacy experts, we focus on what matters: identities, personal information, confidential data, trade secrets and other intangible assets that constitute the core value of every modern organization.

Principle 6: Transfer knowledge

In everything we do, we strive to empower clients, partners and the public with the education to gain the confidence to build resilience and integrity into their operations.

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