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Outsource all your important risk-based projects

How do you measure sucess in IT projects and security initiatives?

Enterprise projects take on an entirely new dimension when exposed to the elements of risk, compliance, and information security. IT projects are notorious for their inability to meet objectives averaging around 70% of projects and their outright failure being around 30%.

FlexProtect RPM™ is the ideal way to manage all phases of IT-related projects, with a focus on initiatives that require a solid understanding of information risk. RPM™ gives you the freedom to safely step aside and let our certified experts manage entire projects or focus on distinct phases. Your dedicated RPM™ Project Manager understands the reasons for project failure and applies the FlexProtect methodology to ensure the presence of management support, technical literacy, effective communication and participation, adequate planning and monitoring in every initiative:


Our professionals bring tens of thousands of hours of hands-on project management. This experience is often coupled with client resources to deliver successful projects that automatically embrace the:

Monitoring and Managing

Project Risk Management

Successful projects require a clear understanding of the inherent risks of the project as well as those faced by the organization. Beyond operational risk, effective project risk management demands the proper application of project management practices by skilled professionals.

Your certified Flexprotect RPM™ Project Manager understands the constraints and risks faced by IT projects, security initiatives and development projects.

Entrust your projects to RPM™ and benefit from:

Privacy projects

The challenges of deploying applications, systems, and processes that demonstrate verifiable compliance with privacy principles cannot be met without discipline, expertise and a repeatable, scalable process.

The FlexProtect RPM™ methodology drives projects that aim to embed privacy into new initiatives and re-engineer data protection into legacy systems, applications, and processes. As a FlexProtect project management solution, RPM™ incorporates the highest quality guidance currently available for privacy projects. Our dedicated Project Managers are able to:

Cyber security risk project management time quality control communications datarisk privacy

Adopt a dedicated FlexProtect Risk Project Manager and discover what FlexProtect RPM™ can do for your project success rate, organizational effectiveness and productivity.

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