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Knowledgeflow Education
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Expert-Led Anti-Cyber Bulling Workshops for Families and Educators

WorkLife Learning
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Learning Sessions: Structured Workplace Seminars and Workshops

Security Awareness
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Courses: Continuous Security and Privacy Training for Employees

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1. Knowledgeflow Education

According to the newly updated Education Act, the word “bullying” means aggressive and typically repeated behaviour by a pupil where it is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to another individual, including physical, psychological, social or academic harm. This can be harmful to the individual’s reputation or property, but it can also consist of creating a negative environment at a school for the victim. This often takes place both online and offline, with impersonation, privacy violations and the unauthorized distribution of information with the intention to victimize an individual or group.


To address the needs of families to protect their children, the interest of educators need to be aware and vigilant about risk factors. This is exactly why we have created the KnowledgeFlow Anti-CyberBullying Course. This unique workshop is currently available through schools across the Province of Ontario and customized for the audience. Designed to empower children and young people to avoid risky situations, this workshop is full of information to help adults understand the challenges posed by technology and the threat of mis-using information to cause harm. Whether you seek to understand motivations, technical methods or ways to prevent issues from escalating, this course is for you!


Contact us right now to reserve a timely and informative workshop for your school or community centre! Our certified risk professionals are uniquely positioned to present the course and engage with specific audiences. This is an ideal opportunity to ask questions, request more information or simply take in example-based scenarios that can benefit parents and teachers alike. Please register a few weeks in advance and be sure to ask about exclusive $250 discounts available during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week during the 3rd week of November.

2. Worklife Learning

Customized WorkLife Learning™ Enterprise Education is the ideal way to bring critical knowledge into your organization. Our programs are structured and effective to maximize value and retention.


Employees and management are exposed to the specific knowledge and best practices needed for their roles, delivered by seasoned professionals at regular intervals. Our WorkLife Learning Program adapts to your organization’s priorities and constraints to deliver the right knowledge in the best way possible.


Naturally, we have a focus on workplace security and privacy, best practices for Internet use and information handling,  regulatory compliance requirements and policy training. This monthly program is available on-site to all our Risk Advisor clients

3. Security Awareness

This unique corporate training program is a comprehensive introduction to security threats, best practices for protecting corporate information and the foundation of a proactive security strategy. Employees and managers who complete the course must pass an exam with a score of at least 68% to earn their certificate and demonstrate a basic understanding of information security. It is available as two complementary programs: The interactive Privacy Awareness Certification (incorporating such concepts as PbD principles) and the industry leading Security Awareness Certification. All programs can incorporate the client organization’s policies and are presented on a recurring schedule.


By certifying the knowledge and awareness of every employee, organizations close the loop of information security. Every security management program is based on three critical factors: verifiable employee knowledge, enforced policies, and a secure IT infrastructure. Without all these elements, no organization can achieve standards compliance or verifiable adherence to best practices. Groups of 10 and up can choose between 0.5 and 2.0 day programs, with instructor-led sessions and optional Web-based e-learning recertification.

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